Symbols of Hope in Germantown

On Sunday January 30th I went into Germantown with my classmate Sara. We parked in Mount Airy and walked south on Germantown Avenue. During our walk, we encountered many images that evoke “hope.” Here a few of my favorite images that I captured on my Canon Powershot camera:

An inspirational mosaic on the side of a public library.

This first image was taken at 2:58 pm on 1/30/11 on the side of a library off of Germantown Avenue in Philadelphia, PA. Resolution 2816×2112

A painting on display at a library.

This photo was taken at 3:02 pm on 1/30/11 through the window of the same library featured above. Resolution 500×667

A store celebrates its grand opening.

This photo was on Germantown Avenue at 3:24 pm on 1/30/11. Resolution 500×375


One response to “Symbols of Hope in Germantown

  1. Hi Emily,
    I love the first two photos, especially the one with the King quote and the books on the bottom. The photo screams out “hope” and has interesting composition. Save that one, which may be very useful when we do our final project.
    Professor Collins

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