Mission Statement

After three weeks of interviews with Mrs. Jefferson, we have gathered numerous anecdotes from her life. This Mission Statement will help narrow our focus as we begin to take steps toward editing down the hours of footage into a cohesive 3-5 minute video project.

Mission: Our intention is to tell the story of The Great Migration through the unique experiences of Mrs. Jefferson. The story will be enriched with the colorful anecdotes about religion, family, and tradition.

Goals: We want to show how Mrs. Jefferson’s story gives a new perspective on The Great Migration, in the sense that not only African Americans were affected by it. We want the audience to realize that this movement was extremely pervasive in its effects on the lives of those involved, as evidenced by Mrs. Jefferson’s many stories. Mrs. Jefferson has lived a long and fruitful life, and we want to share her story with the world.

Organization: We plan to weave together Mrs. Jefferson’s anecdotes with voice-over narration to give context and historical background to her commentary on The Great Migration. We are going to separate the clips by theme and incorporate still photos, as well.  When the final version of the video is posted on our blogs, there will be accompanying Soundslides to highlight various elements of Mrs. Jefferson’s life. Each group member will develop a Soundslide independently; one will cover Mrs. Jefferson’s family history, another will cover Mrs. Jefferson’s driving, and a third will cover Mrs. Jefferson’s time at Center In The Park.


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