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Symbols of Hope in Germantown

On Sunday January 30th I went into Germantown with my classmate Sara. We parked in Mount Airy and walked south on Germantown Avenue. During our walk, we encountered many images that evoke “hope.” Here a few of my favorite images that I captured on my Canon Powershot camera:

An inspirational mosaic on the side of a public library.

This first image was taken at 2:58 pm on 1/30/11 on the side of a library off of Germantown Avenue┬áin Philadelphia, PA. Resolution 2816×2112

A painting on display at a library.

This photo was taken at 3:02 pm on 1/30/11 through the window of the same library featured above. Resolution 500×667

A store celebrates its grand opening.

This photo was on Germantown Avenue at 3:24 pm on 1/30/11. Resolution 500×375